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Deals are always supposed to be big! Nuclear deals, Business deals, Marriage deals and also Maintanace deals (nop I am not referring to car maintenance 🙂 ) In India wives going for a legal separation get something called “maintenance” from husbands in form of cash, property and a share in everything that he owns. Such are deals then! One has to tread carefully into the forbiddengrounds of deals.

Yesterday, I was jolted from a blissful sleep by a late night call. It was Roy calling me from one end of Mumbai and sobbing endlessly…the reasons…the newly wed couple ended up battling over each other’s lives.

Again the reasons…Roy’s apparent jokes with Ria regarding the “last” of his “one night stances” post-marriage! The outcome… Ria threatened to quit the marriage scene immediately.

My suggestion… like any woman… I fumed: “Gosh Roy! Grow up…ur married yaar!!”

His response…”But what’s the big deal honey! It was a joke on just a one night stance! He begged: “this is my last! Its over”!

Huh! Men! They think life is a cricket match…you have to forcibly retire after marriage.

But no the deal was bigger…Ria eaves-dropped on our telephonic conversation. Roy was chatting away unaware of the dangers lurking behind. She packed all her things…especially the new dresses that Roy bought for her after marriage and called a taxi…scooted away to the railway station/airport. Her last words to him were something (paraphrased by Roy) like this: “You are mean! You are nuts! You joke on nights with women. And, you fucking say what’s the big deal! I don’t want to look at that face of yours again.”

I added dryly: “I would have been worse Roy…may be you would have had the frying pan landing on your nose.”

We drove like crazy through the town to fetch her back and finally located her early dawn at the CST station…she was dozing off on one of the benches. Roy ran to her, almost snatched her suitcase and was on the verge of badly hugging her/ falling at her feet…. Ahem!…that was a railway station and I was gaping with worried eyes at both of them.

After an hour, things had cooled down. I packed their bags for a Mahabaleswar trip and of course there was some intial shopping done to pacify Ria. While seeing them off, I muttered under my breath and winked at Ria with a womanly understanding : ” for us deals are always big, u better realize that soon honey…! ” ;))