“I do wonder sometimes…
What if wonderlands were to come true?”

(From “Wonderlands”, Devi: A Journey through Photo-Poetry)

Dear all,

You have loved the writings of Annede Plume over the years. We have laughed, cried, and celebrated life together. Sometimes it was as though Anne lived through you all. This post is an appeal to all the dedicated readers of Iris, who have come back year after year, post after post in spite of long spells of silence on Iris and from Anne for months, and who have openly egged Anne in comments to ‘write a book’.

Today, Anne has the pleasure of announcing the publication of a book by her alter-ego Arnapurna Rath.  The book titled “Devi: A Journey through Photo-poetry” celebrates the internal landscape of women’s soul. There are three poems in the book which were first added to Iris, before being put back under wraps for the book.  The book is written in the genre of “photo-poetry” and is co-authored with a talented Chemical Engineering Undergraduate of IIT Gandhinagar, Bhaskarjyoti Das (currently a M.Des student at NID Ahmedabad). The Foreword to Devi: A Journey Through Photo-Poetry is written by one of the foremost Indian poets writing in English of the post-Nissim Eizekel and Dilip Chitre generation, Sri Bibhu Padhi (his collections of poems like Going to the Temple, Lines from a Legend, and many other ccollectionsave been highly acclaimed in the literary world in India and abroad)Authorspress, New Delhi has published Devi.

There are 45 poems and 45 images that map  the life of a woman from birth to old age in Devi. The photographs taken by Bhaskar mark his hard-work and his passion for field photography, and his interest in capturing various shades of emotions in women.

We do hope that you enjoy reading ‘Devi’ and return back with comments, feedback, or criticism on this space. Following are the online retailers of the book:

Flipkart: http://goo.gl/u3VAMC
Amazon India: http://goo.gl/u1sZH7
: http://goo.gl/sHkMEL

Authorspress India: http://authorspressbooks.com/book_detail.php?preference=371 

NCBA: http://www.ncbaglobal.in/MMDetailView.aspx?id=Nawk0THFXWM=&url=MMGridView.aspx?Cid=RSYEEsF4Exc=&PID=1&ST=0

Ebay: http://www.ebay.in/itm/Devi-A-Journey-Through-Photo-Poetry-/261548896861

02 Devi Poetry New 02

Coverpage of Devi:A Journey through Photo-Poetry. Coverart Courtesy: Suguresh Sultanpur