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PRELUDEThis open letter was sent to me for review yesterday late at night by my student, Ajay, a team member of  a group that we had — the ‘Creatineers’ . The letter intrigued me. I thought of sharing it with the readers of Iris and he immediately agreed. The letter, its views, its authorship and copyright belongs to Ajay. This weekend post that we have is a guest post from a member of the student community.

Hello Mr. Hazare,

I am another Indian who never saw you face to face.  I got to know about you from newspapers, then I saw you on television and suddenly you just exploded. Everywhere there is Anna ado, people talking about you, claiming you as the next Gandhi, the only ideal Indian left in the nation …..blah blah…..You know even my mobile Inbox is flooded with messages to support you.  My mother is not able to watch her daily soaps because my father keeps on swapping different news channels just to know what your next action would be.

I am a guy who has a girlfriend who keeps on annoying , who has sucking friends, who does Facebook for more than 5 hours a day, sms, chat, movies, partying, studies etc. Amid all this, do you really expect that I have time for politics and corruption kindaa stuff…I am 21 and I never voted and seriously I don’t have any faith in democracy. Yaar, I know not if everyone of them is corrupt but we all know that most of them are, then what’s the point voting. Leave it.

Anna but to me you are a potent guy, potent of changing things, I mean whole nation is with you, seriously there has to be something in you. You wear Gandhi topi and appear Ideal, to me you are a beacon of hope and triumph of change. Parties are accusing that you are corrupt …ooh my god they have a habit of saying it about every person who stands against them and they think people of India will believe them. I know you can never be corrupt…aah you heard that rhetoric “supremacy of parliament”. Parliament can never be above people, see people are there to support you, they are on roads, they have jammed traffic for you, whole Delhi is on march. Huhhh!!! and they still think that Parliament is superior, what do they think of themselves?? Do they think we are this dumb???

I need to calm down.  It’s everywhere,it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google +,you name it and we have it there. Even my status says “Anna tu hai aaj ka gandhi,tuney laayi jag me aandhi”..cool na??? hope you like this, it got more than 50 likes on facebook. Huhhh !! let’s end it all here, you are a leader, now one who is nationally renowned. This is the time when I should step out of my home to support you but look I’ve something important on Friday so I can’t. I am constantly supporting you online by sharing articles and info about you. It’s time that you sway in our lives like a paragon and wipe out all the woes.

Anna now you are India and India is Anna. I support you, country supports you, media is with us leaving everything else. It’s been 11 days since you are fasting,I  believe that there is something divine in you that is holding you. Indians are crazy about messiahs — we are not confident of our capacities. We die in the hands of terrorists, we party, we earn Rs.80 per day — but who says we can fight our own conscience and the corruption within us and become heroes ourselves. We need gods and heroes to save us.  We have waited enough for messiahs — we can’t fast ourselves, so we need you to fast for us. The real Mr. India, in this battle of right against might ,we rely on you .Go on, Go Anna.

Anna, please break your fast because I can’t fast with you — feel hungry often and need ‘breakfast’.

Jai Hind, Jai bharat

P.S:I hope you will reply back to me at “shackythechillguy@gmail.com