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A happy new year to all the readers of ‘Iris’.

It’s been six months now that Iris has had a post. Felt many a times the urge to connect with my readers — but what to write always remained a question. I didn’t want to write something which I did not feel about or where there was no connection with the soul of Iris. That’s how this blog site been — it doesn’t post anything which Iris has not been faithful about — no empty promises, no shallow new year resolutions. The love story of 1980s which I had promised to post after my last post remains incomplete because of permission issues.  Thought of tracing the journey of ‘Iris’ and ‘Anne’ so far.

So what should I write about? IIT and life in IIT as a student have become stories of the past, distant, and dream-like. People, friends, colleagues, and contexts have seemed to have drifted far away. However, IIT has been so deeply rooted in this blog that whether I should delete this blog and start anew, a fresh blog, is something that I have been considering now for very long. Whether  Iris should only be issue-based or theme-based is another question. There is additionally the burden of a teacher whose blog posts might be read by students and friends — responsible and self-reflexive writing. Iris always had the fear of losing her readers, just as the fear of losing friends. Interestingly, higher has been this fear the more have been the losses so far. However, ‘Iris’ is not simply ‘Iris’ the blog, it’s been part of an identity — Anne’s identity. It has been a part of the life of a girl who has struggled between ‘intellectualism’, ‘romanticism’, ‘realism’, and ‘idealism’ — the struggle to be an obedient daughter, a fantastic sister, a great friend, an amazing teacher, a supportive colleague, the chirpy-forgiving girl friend, the ‘super-researcher’ — the ‘Indian’ girl in quintessence.  Rebellion is something that is not every person’s cup of tea and in that sense Iris has been conventional, extremely conventional.

2010 as a year has been a year of starts and conclusions, a year of makeups and breakups, a year of dreams and frustrations, a year of new hopes and many achievements, a year of travel and un-settlement — 2010 has been a roller-coaster year for Iris. The number of posts has dramatically reduced from 1 post every week which was the way I wrote during my hostel days, to 1 post  in six months.

I have always been a great admirer of the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ — can watch it number of times. 2010 has been a complete manifestation of the story of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ in the life of Iris. As it happens in the movie, in life too there are some worlds which are self-created and the shattering of those worlds is as silent as the worlds themselves.  However, unlike the ‘happy ending’ of movies like ‘You’ve Got Mail’, life may not be having a Tom Hanks coming in the end shouting ‘Brinkley!’ . It’s true — life is not a movie, it’s stranger than a movie.

Hopefully, 2011 brings brighter days and happening evenings in the life of the readers of Iris. Iris doesn’t promise anymore to come back with a new post. We all have ‘moved on’. However and whenever there is a need to connect, the need to share, the need to talk, Iris will be back.But for the time-being “the shop around the corner” (those who have seen You’ve Got Mail would know what am I talking about) has to close.

Apart from Iris and its posts, there is an unrelated passing thought which I would like to share with you before signing off. In India the retirement age of citizens is somewhere close to 58 yrs-60 yrs. Most Indians are healthy and their work-efficiency is still high at the age of 58. The moment they retire from service their right to lead a dignified life is curtailed by society and family. They are viewed as good for nothing, cranky senior citizens and that’s what they turn themselves into. Why do Indians believe in such an early retirement age? In a country where the politicians work beyond 80s, why then has the middle class human being to retire at the age of 58-60 and be treated as a burden on the society and family?Do think about it….

On that note, Iris says a goodbye to her readers 🙂 …. Have a great and fruitful year ahead.