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Things have started to take their normal course in Mumbai. Routine schools, colleges, offices and same blame games — yes the attacks are still fresh in our minds, but for how long? Should we name the current state of the nation and its people as “post-terror” syndrome or “perpetual-terror” syndrome ? I am not sure…

My last post was an outpour of the immediate horror and an emotional response to the terror attacks. In the comments that followed immediately to the post, I found the same anger and sharp outburst which seemed an inevitable human response from people and fellow bloggers. There was plain rage, fear and unrest in all these comments. A friend sent me an SMS and said that she is resigning from her job because of the pain and trauma that she underwent reading the mails, newspapers, blogs and seeing the live broadcasts. Another acquaintance is distraught with the response of political parties, he feels helpless and lonely at the entire turn of events after the sanitization of the three affected places. I am sure that these are not the only people who feel in this manner, there must be many-many more like them.

Personally, I am feeling a bit let down by the huge clamour and noise where all voices are drowning into nothing but blame games. Perhaps, blaming each other is the easiest possible way to bifurcate emotions and focus. Citizens are blaming the system, the system is blaming intelligence agencies, intelligence sources are blaming political intervention, opposition is blaming ruling parties and ruling parties are blaming beyond-border “friends-turned-foes”, and beyond-border people are blaming India and US for the debacle. Result? -1000

What are we gaining by it? What are we doing? Lighting a candle, writing a post, blaming each other, forwarding gory mails with mail ids of all the recipients in the “to” and “cc” fields (so that we create more security hazards), resigning from jobs, religious uprising, even staging a coup — are these the real solution to the menace of terrorism? These might be instant responses, but we are doing the same things that terror-perpetrators do: we are being drugged and eating up painkillers of angry outbursts, trying to console ourselves with false pretensions of concern. If they were drugged to kill, we are now drugged to be killed with our improperly channeled sentiments.

What will we gain? Will a new Government solve the crisis entirely — considering the pathetic business that political parties are now trying to pounce on? Will a war against “that” one particular country solve the entire crisis of an international terror network which Mumbai is only a victim of? When media is being so provocative and all-knowing , why does it not work to save people before things went wrong? If intellectuals can discuss in panels, why can’t they rule the country with their so-called “gyan“? If intellectuals like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Ambedkar could formulate a vision and fight with the “then” terror-perpetrators, why can’t it be done now? Where is that intellectual leadership? I am afraid, but to be blunt, our intellectual masses including some of the famous writers, journos and analysts who are coming right now on television and bashing the establishment, are found in the evenings drunk and partying in Mumbai or Delhi clubs and social circuits , not able to handle their own drunk steps forget about handling terrorist’s moves . Yes, they too politicize. Why is the country left to a bunch of buffoons who don’t even know how to sign, forget about gathering international strength? If war actually solves problems, we have already have had three of them with that particular country (why do we forget HUJI which is a Bangladesh based huge network) — why is war not helping? For us war might be a painkiller, but not a cancer-healing drug. Let’s remember that we are victims of the cancerous malignancy of terrorism — we die.

India is no-doubt a soft country. Our blood says “love all, serve all. But which father can “love” whose son has taken the bullets of the terrorists? Which father can love whom instead of showing respect, some of our “own men” humiliate? They are not “beyond-border-friends-turned-foes” they are our own people. Which citizen will love when their leaders are taking their sons and utterly disgusting film makers into the Taj to “verify the situation”? The former is also a father and the latter too is a father — one sacrifices his son and the other creates business for his son — both from terror.

We bring religion, caste, tribe into everything and a bunch of so called intellectuals try to analyze everything and pass comments, suggest remedies, even without knowing what they are talking of. But, no one touches the “truth” — though everyone prophesies to know the “truth”. Why do they fear, if they know the truth/truths? From the last couple of days of terror tamasha and the aftermath of it — disgust has grown. We are not helping ourselves, but helping those who want to see us in this condition.

The need of the hour is to recognize our strength and not harp on the weaknesses — the strength of a silent awakening in the common human being. It’s the time to act not debate — we waste a lot of time and energy in gossiping and debating. What is needed is to channelize our strength for the common good. Whatever little we are capable of doing needs to be done. I can write, someone can paint, some others can sketch, yet others can go to people (the lesser educated and in intellectual terms “lesser fortunate masses”), some can fight with the terrorists face-to-face and some others can boost morale — let’s do rather than watch or observe. I was speculating something that day after seeing a huge crowd near Nariman House just before it was freed. Just imagine if that crowd (it’s an utopia) even before NSG’s came in, had barged upon the doors and broken the shutters of the Nariman House at one go and entered and lynched the terror-perpetrators, what would have happened? If they can follow shock and awe why can’t we? How many would have they killed? 5, 10,15,100? Eventually, they did kill more than that number. NO! We are cowards who can lynch poor students who come to Mumbai to appear for railway examinations and we can lynch slum-dwellers who come here to work as there is no employment in their own towns. Pathetic and disgusting! Even the common people should be ashamed of their indifference, especially our youth which is rolling in the luxury of highly paid jobs and comfortable lifestyle.

It’s not a question of my country or yours — it’s a problem of the world. It’s very important to spread awareness among masses (we are highly populated too) regarding the danger that’s actually knocking at the doors. If there can be Public Health Missions, AIDS awareness mission, Population Control mission, TB mission, then this is a “National Security Mission” — which one needs to start from grass-root levels. International terrorism is also an AIDS and cancer which is slowly starting to take toll. Please do not wait for it to finish you up completely.

This morning there was a News flash that there have been blasts in Assam. If Mumbai is important so is Assam. Why prioritize one terror over the other? If you want to handle terror — handle it globally and let’s stop making business out of terror. We are accomplishes in the crime in that sense. It’s your world as much as it is mine — wake up before systematic terror capital destroys you completely.