Through the aimless corners of the camphored street,
Smelling of crushed marigolds or garlands of Tulsi leaves,
Ears awake to the tongue tickling call of vendors of sugared sweetmeats,
I was led… led away!
From the discoed and neon lighted existence of my own part of the sphere,
Into a little glow world-not too far, yet not very near.

Eyes mixed-n-matched the colours white, black, yellow and red,
While thoughts and memories crowded the vision,
The mind, as it glanced at the trinkets to be sold in the passing shops,
Counted the number of steps that I tread.

The feet chained with the burden of needs and desire for evermore,
Dragged me into the secret end of the mysterious street,
Until I reached the moss laden steps of the eastern door
Where ‘reality’ and ‘dreams’ diverge and again do meet.

I passed through the slithering steps of the dark emptiness,
With only the chime of big bells ringing somewhere near in the black nothing,
Half awake, half afraid of this frightening vastness,
With none but my faint hope to cling.

A ray from a little deeya beckoned me through this solemn darkness.
And oh! There stood the dark god-black-blacker-than the blackest stormy night,
Vaster than all this vastness,
Yet with eyes so impossibly enigmatic and bright!

I stood staring at this strange presence,
While the red lip like thing quivered to speak.
“Who? Who is He? Distant from all the matter-yet its very essence?”
The lips roared rather than speak-
‘AHAM! AHAM! AHAM! – I am! I am! I am!
A Reflection, a Dream, a Vision, a Truth
Roared He!
Like the roaring of the tempestuous ocean or the sea.

I know not then…
What threw me into a swoon or a sway
When I woke up, I had come far away.
Thrown back!
Into the neon lighted existence of my own,
The charm of the enigmatic Dark God and His half-lit world
All passed and gone.
Now I do often wonder
Was it a reverie, truth or a vision…?