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Happy Singh was unhappy today…

Happy called me in the noon and asked me with a voice bordering on a whisper: “did you finish that stuff? how’s it going?” I replied back with a matching anxious tone: “not very good…I am stuck in the 15th page”. Happy Singh almost burst out into a hoarse cry: “what!! 15 pages! My God! I have not crossed the 6th page as yet” 😦 … My being in mid-ocean in the 15th page proved to be no consolation for poor Happy…so he decided to vent his anxiety at someone else… who might be stuck in the 5th page.

I’m sure anyone who’s reading the stuff will think I have gone nuts. First, I don’t publish my usual weekend blog entry on time (unforgivable :X ) and second when I am writing stuff, I am writing nuts. Well, so let me make it clear — there two seasons overlapping each other, one is the monsoon in Mumbai which invites you to freak out (if you love rains) and the other season is the APS season in IITB (Annual Progress Seminar) that stops you from any freak out business. The two seasons paradoxically overlap each other and create a problematic clash. So, that’s what we are going through right now — shhh APS hai!

The problem in the description of an APS season actually lies in how to describe it? Anyone doing PhD in IIT Bombay will understand exactly what do I mean. But, people including parents and friends who have not had the delicacy called PhD on their platter, think that July-August is a time when we simply go crazy! :O …Mom calls up to say: “beta there’s no water supply in our taps for the last two days” — I irritably respond: “oho! Don’t disturb…give me two years I will setup a Pepsi plant for you…now keep the phone down…write two pages of complaints and send that to the plumber!” πŸ™‚ … Imagine her confusion? This APS thing haunts every Research Scholar who joins the institute. Year by year we present our “yearly” (I would say some of us do it only before APS) progress before a panel of experts. Year after year we confront our ignorance on the APS day — and believe me it’s not such a happy meeting.

People behave in a certain way during the APS season, which if you observe carefully is quite interesting. Someone like me, is in all likelihood to bump into any speeding vehicle that goes on the road, while thinking what quotation to add as a filler to the 3rd chapter of my report πŸ˜‰ (not everyone has the guts to laugh at themselves, I do), or else I might just end up waving a huge “Hi” to a complete stranger while take my next door neighbor as a brick on my bedroom wall. Some of us, just look at each other and gain consolation by seeing how tensed the other poor APS ridden soul is (sadistic, but true) … while some bury themselves in a pile of books and papers and library materials that have been lying in dust post-last APS πŸ™‚ . In fact, last Friday I realized that I had thrown away some of the papers during my room’s white wash that I needed for this APS. 😦 . Some others start pursuing the panel members even in their dreams and get nervous if there is even a slight change in the expression of any of the experts of their committee. While, some simply are cool customers, who think APS is merely a hindrance in their daily dose of intensive research. I just look with unfulfilled greed at every new movie realizing in Huma Adlabs . 😦

On the APS day throats parch, hands sweat and I curse myself for every other party that I had attended for the last one year. But post-APS, it’s another round of parties, movies and masti for the next nth point of time :)… Each year if the APS goes safely — it’s like a major operation, I don’t forget to visit the nearest temple in new clothes and coconut, also go to the church “thanking Him” and also attempt to visit the Dargah.

But for the time being… SHHH! DON’T DISTURB … πŸ™‚ I have to submit by tomorrow.